Council to Reclaim Money from Benefit Cheating

A mother of two falsely claimed that she lived alone and managed to receive more than £22,000 in housing and council tax benefit. However, she has been ordered to repay the money.

After pleading guilty at Wood Green Crown Court on 22 May 2013, Deborah Reynolds, 45, of Colebrook Way, New Southgate, was handed an eight-month suspended sentence. The judge's order states that she had to repay the money she claimed at a rate of £400 per month.

Reynolds had been profiting from tax benefit for five years, whereas she did not mention that she was actually living with a partner, who was fully employed.
Furthermore, she had deliberately altered a copy of her tenancy agreement in order to hide the fact that she did not live alone.

During interview the 45-year-old denied having done anything wrong, despite that these money are enough for monthly visits of the cleaners in Richmond.