Project to Support People Affected by Dementia Set to Be Launched

Barnet Council is teaming up with the Alzheimer’s Society to set up a Dementia Café initiative. This was inspired by the Dementia Awareness Week.

The scheme will be introduced later in the year and is aimed at providing residents with dementia, their families and their carers more convenience, namely a chance to meet, socialise, take part in activities and get information and advice, apat from domestic services, like the ones provided by the cleaners in Barnet.

The Barnet Office of the Alzheimer’s Society will be running the project and will also include activities themed around arts and culture.

The Dementia Cafés scheme will be rotated between a number of venues, taking place three times each month.
It is believed that such project will help people with dementia to develop friendships, which continue outside of the offered services.